EDM Supplies and Consumables

At EWT/3DCNC, EDM wire and consumables is our business. We stock wire, filters, resin, repair parts, small hole electrodes, graphite, copper tungsten and much more. Our EDM Supplies and Consumables Division has over 45 years experience with EDM. Call EWT/3DCNC for all of your EDM consumable needs.

Contract Machining

EWT/3DCNC, Inc. is one of the best equipped shops in the area. With our experience, knowledge, and state of the art software, hardware, machine tools and measuring equipment, we are capable of handling some of the most complex work in the Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Molds and Dies and service oriented jobs. We are the right choice for all your machining needs.


Specializing in EDM, Jig Grinding, High Speed Machining, Aerospace Manufacturing, Design and Build Molds & Dies, 3D Modeling,
EDM supplies & Consumables.

Since 1973 EWT/3DCNC has dedicated their service and support to their customers with Engineering, Quality Machining, Building Molds & Dies, and handling EDM Consumable Supplies. Our experienced team of professionals have the knowledge of helping and supporting you with all of your needs!