Part NumberSizeSpecificationPressure
EW-19340x46x300mmO, P, Q, W SeriesIN/EX
EW-36N340x46x300mm-0ic, 1ic/-0ib, 1ibIN/EX
EW-340FK340x300mm-ib, ic, 0ic, 0ice, 1iceIN
EW-25N-C340x46x450mmO, P, Q, W SeriesIN
EBBCO F5178x67x740mmTBDTBD


Replaces your old inefficient and bulky EBBCO tank system with the newer style Fanuc filters.

Benefits of this conversion:

  • Takes up less space than the old system and uses no floor space.
  • Filter changes can be done while machine is running with shut off valves for each filter.
  • No more lifting heavy wet filters over your head during filter changes.
  • Longer filter life.
  • Less expensive filters.